Nextant 400XT

Imagine a Hawker, redefined. That's the Nextant 400XT.


The Nextant 400XT, a redesigned version of the Hawker Beechjet 400A, offers a whole new selection of features and showcasing the latest technology available in modern aircraft engineering.

With some new features like aerodynamic enhancements and increased amount of modern twin turbo engines, the Nextant 400XT has kept some of the Hawkers original traits such as its very generous amount of cabin space.

The cabin, while still keeping the original traits from the Hawker such as its generous amount of cabin space, has also been filled with improvements such as a whole new acoustic insulation package giving all 6 passengers a completely silent and comfortable flight.


Cabin Space

Inside the Nextant 400XT, each passenger will be pleasantly surprised at the manoeuvrability and leg space available once seated in one of 7 places.

Silent Cabin

The Nextant 400XT is equipped with the latest sound-proofing technology in the form of acoustic insulation packaging guarenteeing everyone on board a silent and peaceful trip.


Baggage Capacity: 1.3 m³
Aircraft Range: 3,239 km
Cruise Speed: 872 km/h
Total Passengers: 7


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Safety First

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