About AP Jets


Step into a new level of luxury air charter with AP Jets. We specialise in creating an unforgettable experience with our above first class services and unbeatable travel comfort in our range of well-furnished jets and helicopters. Flying with us could not be simpler as your entire trip is catered to fit your specific needs. No matter where you want to go, you can be sure that AP Jets and our team of highly experienced personnel will make sure you are treated with the highest level of care.

When it comes to safety, we are sure you would be pleased to know that, we only contract with operators who employ industry-leading training, safety, metrics and maintenance. Our operators ensure that each aircraft goes through vigorous amounts of safety checks and pre-flight preparations before departing. The crew employed by our operators, go above and beyond to exceed an expert level of safety so you and your passengers can guarantee a safe and sound flight. At AP Jets, safety above all is our number one priority.

We can fly you and your party to just about anywhere around the globe. What sets us apart from regular airline companies is that we are able to land in locations that simply are not available on commercial aircrafts. This allows us to get you closer to your destination faster and more efficiently. This means you get to save valuable time and money as in most instances, we cut your travel time in half.

Our Fleet

With our fleet of some of the world's most prestigious aircrafts, you will have access to several locations around the world. There is no need to wait in queues, go through security and have the hassle of wasting time at an airport for your delayed flight to arrive. Everything will be waiting for you at your own leisure. You will be flying with the knowledge that everything is catered for. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, we have the perfect jet for every occasion.


Even before you’ve taken off, you will be indulging in luxury from the moment you enter. Everything can be customised for your pleasure, from the on-board meal to the champagne, music choice to selection of magazines or books. The friendly flight crew will ensure that you are well looked after. Should you require transport to your plane, we can arrange a luxurious vehicle, with a professional chauffeur who can escort you, in style.